Avengers post!

I really am terrible about keeping up with challenges. Ack…

Day 7: This one…

Gah!!!!! It’s Thor AND ‘Tasha!!!! Eeeeeep! *squee*

Day 8:

There’s sooo much out there!!!!! But I really like this. 🙂

Day 9:

It looks sooo real!!! I WANT THAT ACTION FIGURE!!!!!! GAH!

Day 10: Agent Coulson.

And, I’ve got to go.







4 thoughts on “Avengers post!

  1. Maybe, that’s why there called challenges…. XDDD Just a thought.

    OMW, that poster is like, one of my favorites! It’s my two favorite Avengers on it!!!! 😀 Epiiic!

    That’s a sweet peice of art! 😀

    Oh my word! It’s the Thor hot toy!!!! So REAL! 8DDD What Thor fangirl wouldn’t want that? XD

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