FAIL clothes.

Ok, this is a needed topic. I’m sorry to all the girls out there that really like their butt hanging out of their shorts, but you look terrible. Are you really comfortable with that? Seriously? Way to disgrace yourself.

High-waisted shorts:

Now I’m not actually going to post a photo of what I see on the daily basis, because honestly… I have no desire for some random chick’s booty on my blog. But, here’s the concept with out SO much epidermis.

It looks kind dumb. I certainly could never wear that. I mean first off, I’ve got a swimmer’s build so my thighs would be out of place. And, not to mention, I’d look like a tramp.

Mini skirts:

Again, I’m really not big on your fanny showing. Or very upper thighs.  Ack… *rolls eyes* girls these days. And again, I’m not going to post a photo.

Cut-off tees:

UGH!!!!!! NOt only is this kinda immodest, it looks retarded.

I’ll remove that if it offends anybody.

And, I’ve gtg. But I might continue later. And catch up with my Avengers challenge.





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