Wedding dresses.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m interested in the bridal field as a job before I get married (if I do). Of course, I love the dresses. Here’s some off of Alfred Angelo that I love. Keep in mind that in alterations I would probably have some sort of straps put on them. Also, these aren’t my all time favorite dresses, but these are my favorite off of this company.


1: This one is pretty neat, however you have to have a very specific kind of wedding to be able to wear it. It would look great in a garden setting. I love the ruching on the torso and the waterfall ruffles (seems to be organza). Also, the white roses are great to pull together all the materials.

Price: $1,249.00

2. I love this one… the ruffled skirt is so pretty!! The brooch on the hip and the beaded neckline are also sooo pretty, since they just make the dress more… dressy. 😛 Again, I love the ruching, that really really helps to hide any tummy fat. LOL!

Price: $1,399.00


3. This isn’t my favorite at all, but it’s worth mentioning. I just feel like the flat transfer to the skirt takes away from the totally apearence. And the pickup skirt, well it’s just too picked up. As a bride, I wouldn’t want my whole party seeing the tulle under my dress. Despite my critical review, I still like it. It’s got a great price!

Price: $899.00

4. I like the sweetheart neckline and draped, ruched bodice. The glitter net is pretty but I feel like it just won’t work with a train, so this dress wouldn’t have one. Of course the bling up at the neckline is really pretty! For a ball gown with net, tulle, and taffeta materials the price is amazing!

Price: $949.00

5. This dress is so simply gorgeous! It’s a very very simple dress… much too simple for a church wedding, but it would work amazing for a destination wedding, since dresses for beaches need to be lightweight; with little to no train to minimize sand pickup and also so you can hike it up to wade. I love love love how they ruched just the bust to create that flowing look, and the satin material is amazing with the beaded halter straps! Plus, great price, as expected form Alfred Angelo.

Price: $699.00

6. This is SO pretty! Probably my favorite.  The one strap actually really works well, because, as you can see it “wraps” around the bust. It’s actually got micro-ruching so, it’s less pronounced. And even though the waist is a flat entry to the skirt, the flowery, jeweled accents make it work really well! And the ball gown skirt isn’t just another ball gown skirt, it’s got those neat dramatic pick-ups in it, complete with some jewel clusters hidden up underneath them which brings the bodice and skirt together beautifully. The material is taffeta, but it creates the smooth illusion of silk.

Price: $1,099.00

7. This is definitely for a more elegant church wedding, and boy is it pretty! The netting on the skirt is layered over satin, which gives it that creamy look. The lace on the bodice is flattering as well, since as it fades out it brings attention to the ballgown skirt. What really amazes me about this dress is that it actually has a chapel train; a very rare feature on netted ballgowns!

Price: $899.00

8. Again, it has the net over satin which also really helps pull of the fading out of the lace onto the skirt. It’s got a dropped waist which is amazing and the lace on the bodice has jewels! The mirco-ruching on the bodice is awesome also!

Price: $999.00


That’s all! Any questions? I’d more totally more than glad to answer. BTW, these prices are all AMAZING!!!! The average dress cost is about $3500, and these check in at no more that $1300, going as low as $700! Since you’re only going to wear these once (hopefully) they don’t need extra material or special coatings! It’s a one day thing! And, Alfred Angelo has a reputation for stellar low priced dresses. The trick is finding a bridal shop that carries them. XD!

So, what are y’alls favorite numbers and what do you like about them? Least favorite?

Ta-ta (for now),







7 thoughts on “Wedding dresses.

  1. Ohh, this post is so you!!! *squeezes* I love it!!! I really enjoyed it, SOMEtimes I like imagining what wedding dress I’d wear even though I’m not marrying. But I don’t really have to worry about it for real. XDD

    I really, really like that first one, you know. And I can imagine wearing it, which is maybe a little surprising. XDDDD I love it because… *thinks* hmmm, well, I’m not too sure. XD I think it looks very nicely fitted, not too tight or too loose…. I think the roses sort of help tie all the ruffles together…. and I’m not exactly sure… I just love it!!! XD

    7 appeals to me next in line I think, but I more imagine liking it being on somebody else…. LOL! Like, I don’t know if I would wear it.

    Least favorites are 3 and (Don’t hate me for this) 6. But not liking six is ONLY because it’s not me!!! It’s an okay dress, and I imagine it would look nice on some girls, but I’m really not into poofs… XDDD It’s the skirt part of #6 that throws me off. And 3, well, for the reasons you said plus the fact it just seems too tight and the top part looks too reavealing. 😛

    8 is interesting!! …..*can’t think of anything else really to say* XD

    I agree with you about 5, I can totally see that dress being worn at a beach wedding!!!!

    I really wish I could think of questions, so you could answer them. XD But I don’t really have any. I’ll be sure to ask you though if I come up with any… at any point in time. 😉

    I sort of see wedding dresses from two extremes… like you said, it’s for one day.
    So since it’s only one day and it’s a very specail day, I think the dress ought to be the nicest you can afford and get!!!
    On the other hand, since it’s only one day…. I almost feel like saying, “Why go to so much trouble?” LOL! I mean, if it were me getting married, the ceremony would totally not be the big deal. I’d probably only invite like 3 people and it would be over really fast. We’d run up to the alter and say our vows and kiss and then run off. There, all done!!! 😀 LOL…. now how does that look in print, huh??? XD Yeah, that was kind of weird.

    …..this was a long comment. *doesn’t care and knows you don’t care either* 😀 For not getting married, I sure said a lot about wedding dresses. 😛

    • Wow, I’m surprised you like that first one! Not many people like something like that, but I do!
      And I love 7 also!!!!!!!! It’s so pretty! I like em all… probably except for 3, I agree with you.
      Ahhhhh! My beautiful number 6!!!!! NOOOO. I totally understand though, not alot of people like pick-ups, my mom doesn’t like them either.
      8 is actually more of a mermaid silhouette than a trumpet, and although I like SOME of them, to wear them you have to have a flawless body. Which, like, no one has. Cept for models wearing them. XD!

      Since I’m all into going all out, I see them from the first perspective. But then again, I do like having money, so I figure, only look in the low price range. Then find something you love and stop looking at any other dresses right away.
      3 people? LOL, that wouldn’t even be your whole family. But I do see where you’re going, a small group. I agree.

  2. Wow, Kayla left a novel for you to read! rofl

    I love wedding dresses, they’re so pretty. I like watching the show Say Yes to the Dress; there are so many different wedding dresses… some are really odd but most are very beautiful!

    I loved all the pictures. 🙂


  3. I love the DO STUPID THINGS FASTER WITH MORE ENERGY picture on your sidebar to death. XD Only cause it makes me crack up and it never fails to make me think of you. XD

    /end randomness


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