So, I went for a little mini-vacation with my Mom to Ocracoke, a tiny little island part of the OBX (Outer Banks) of NC. We had to drive like… 3 hours. Actually, it was closer to 4 since…. ahem… we got lost. Ish. Yea, the DRIVER WHO WAS DRIVING AND WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PAYING ATTENTION WAS NOT. But to be honest, it takes two-the driver and the navigator to get lost. And, well… TADA!!!!!! this is the navigator speaking.


But the actual reason I’m posting is to talk a little about kitties. Not mine, but Ocracoke’s. Now, Ocracoke is also home to wild Spanish ponies, that they think got here when a Spanish ship wrecked in the “Graveyard of the Atlanic”… the OBX’s lovely shallow, sandbar-y waters. Back in them days, ships would keep lots of cats onboard to eliminate the rats, and because cats are afraid of water, they simply wouldn’t dare jump off. So, when the ponies got on, so did the kitties. And they all thrived. Soon, Ocracoke had cats and ponies EVERYWHERE.

Years later, the cats are still EVERYWHERE (keep in mind that the island is small, only about 12 miles long). There are anywhere between 1000 and 1200 on the island. And if you go into a shop, you can’t help but notice a jar, normally half full with money, that says “save the Ocracats”. Check out this link for more info, and go ahead and navigate the site. GO!!!! 😛


So, I, being zealous about feral kitties… it hits home for me… decided to post about it. Of course, I also stuffed all the possible cash in that little jar. 😉 Now, I, with my ill logic, figured that, well, If you ever have say… 50 billion dollars, go ahead and give 2 0r 3 million to Ocracats, it would fix all the cats on the island, save kittens, and keep rabies down. I mean, really, that’s a drop in the bucket. Kittens have been found stuffed between walls in the winter, cradled in buckets with cancer-inducing powders, and all other terrible conditions. One I met this morning, was found in the dry-wall of a Ocracoke rental house, it’s mother had moved the litter and was to weak to move this one. It’s 5 weeks now, FAT as can be, and has the cutest little mew. All of it’s siblings are in foster care or adopted out now, and this one has found a home too!!!! The other thing is, Ocracoke is a 3 hour ferry ride from a large enough vet to fix kitties in mass.

AND, I only know of 1 person on earth who has 5o billion dollars, MAYBE MORE!!!! Bill Gates. SOOOOO… I’m writing a quirky little letter to him for fun.

Dear Bill Gates,

Do you hate your name?

But seriously, you’re worth 50 billion dollars, or so Forbes says. They can’t be wrong… or can they? Perhaps you’re worth 60 billion, everyone makes typos. I mean, having the name Bill Gates, can get you into pretty much any event! Bill Gates…. “oooooh, that rich dude who’s like, amazing, and sells us laptops and computers and stuff!”. Yea, that’s you.

So, I thought, doesn’t your money burn a hole in your pocket? Like, a serious flaming hole?

“From those who are given great resources, great things are expected.”

Remember your mom saying that? Mother knows best!!! After all, you’d be dead and gone and never famous without her. Go, thank her! Run along now.

But then, I thought, hey! you’re rich and obviously charitable. You’ve helped so many causes, why not help another? These kittens, on this little island, they don’t have much hope. The problem is fixing, and then there’s rabies, and vetting bills, and food bills, and adoptions, and cancers, and other terrible stuff happening in the the kitty world. If I were you, I give at least that much money, but I’m not you and I’m only 12. So however much I’d like to say “I’m making a difference in the feral community.” I can’t say that. Because, I just can’t make a huge difference. Vetting bills, food, vaccines, emergencies… all come out of my  Walmart bootcut jeans pocket. Which is like, nothing.

SO DUDE!!! Go ahead and fix all the cats on Ocracoke!! I mean, even just a million dollars, that’s only 0.002%, of your total funds!!!! Or, go out on limb (that’s where the fruit is after all) and give a 1% of you money to Ocracats and pay for all the fixing and vetting and EVERYTHING for YEARS!!!!! Surely your wife likes kitties!? If, by God’s grace, you should see this, ask her if she likes cats? She might say yes! And, if she does, save 1200 little kitty lives for her?

You’ll never see this, and not many people will, but I can say I tried. And that in itself is quite an accomplishment. Maybe.

I’m done now,

A not-so-average 12 year old girl called Emma.

Of course, this was merely for fun, and that’s all.

Ta-ta (for now),



2 thoughts on “Ocracats.

  1. *raises hand* I read it, not every word but I read it. Not positive I comprehended it all :3 but I certainly looked! Too bad I’m not Bill Gates… I’m Kales, and Kales is not a richwoman. XDD

    I believe 100% in trying and it really is true that one person can do a lot!!! So *salutes* way to go for trying, Tabbs. Hope you can get somebody to help you with this!

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