So, on Wednesdays, I’m blogging about what I wore Monday-Wednesday. Yesh, that does mean I’m too lazy to take photos on Thursday and Friday. I’ve got to keep this short, since I do have stuff to do with my life (today at least). Here’s Monday:

My hair: Well, it was down for the first time in like… forever. *shocked*
Top: Shirt I got from donating money for childhood cancer. SOOOO comfy!!!
Jeans: Distressed Mudd jeans.
This was Monday, so I pretty much grabbed the first thing I saw to wear. Monday I swim, so I really don’t see any since in dressing all nice.
Hair: Ponytail
Top: Coral jacket and white rib tank
Jeans: Dark blue bootcut (SO brand).
Yesh, that photo is reused. But that’s what I wore and I forgot to take a photo so… yea.
Tuesday I don’t have swimming so I wear something a little nicer.
Top: Shoes and bows navy tee from Target
Jeans: Dark blue bootcut (SO brand)
Hair: *lol* what I slept in…

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  1. I like that last picture! XD LOL! I mean- I like all of them, but that one kind of makes me laugh!

    I’m glad you posted!!! We can’t both stop posting you know! You’ve got to pick up the ball for me!! šŸ˜‰ Anyways, nice outfits!!! šŸ˜€ I love the way you know exactly what your clothes are called…. like if it were me I’d be like: “Yeah so I wore a blue shirt and my blue jeans….” LOL! šŸ˜›

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