Shopping and photos.

I went shopping today!!!! *squee* I looooooooove shopping. For clothes, that is. 🙂

Here are my two fav outfits I got today. Image

Blue, black and white striped shirt with a black belt and *cough*black sweatpants*cough*. 



DARK blue jeans with a white rib tank and a cotton coral jacket. Gah!!!

And, since this IS a random blog, I’ll post some photos that I had fun taking.




OOOOH, and this is me like, 4 or 5 years ago. 


But you can’t see me that well.

And this is 2 years ago.



And this is 1 year ago.



And this is now.



And that’s all!

Ta-ta for now,




Tagging. Or whatever it’s called.

Actually, I’m going to start off with a little catch-up on my Avengers thingy.

Day 4: Darcy. From Thor.

Day 5: Well gawsh, that’s a terrible question. They’re all so easy to hate!!!! Although, I must choose Ivan Vanko from Iron Man 2. You know, whiplash guy?

Day 6: Black Widow vs. Hawkeye. *squee* Well, I actually just love seeing someone kicked hard in the head. That’s all. 😛

Okay, now tag time. Or award, or whatever. First this goes to Kales.

That’s the award. I think.

Now, I’m going to ask her some random questions, which she had BETTER answer sooner or later. This might be a tag.*unsure*

The Random Questions

1. Favorite food?

2. If given the opportunity would you or would you not marry THOR? *evil*

3. Favorite girl name?

4. Favorite movie/TV/book character in the world!!!!!!!!!

5. Most epic fail? * insert tabbs face here*

6. Favorite actor/actress?

7. Things you enjoy doing during the day.

8. Most scared of?

9. Most epic win.

10. Best annoying thing/prank pulled?

Cheers! 🙂 I don’t know exactly how you respond, I guess you do a post on your blog? When I’ve seen it, that’s what you do, and then pass it along. But I’m clueless…



Day 3 and urm… THG. Lots of it.

Well this is really hard because I like pretty much all of the Avengers. But I have to say, Captain America is my least favorite. It’s by the TINIEST of amounts. BUTHE’SSTILLEPIC.

OOOOH, and THG comes out at midnight for DVD release, soooooo *smiles* GIF SPREE.

*coughcough* METOO!!!!! Ahem…


I just love that. THAT’SALLFOLKS!!



Now seriously. Ta-ta. 😛

Gif spree and Avengers Day 2.

First off,

Day 1: Favorite Pre-Avengers Movie
Day 2: Favorite Avenger
Day 3: Least Favorite Avenger
Day 4: Favorite Non-Avenger
Day 5: Favorite Villain
Day 6: Favorite Fight Scene
Day 7: Favorite Official Art
Day 8: Favorite Fan Art
Day 9: Favorite Avengers Merchandise
Day 10: Underrated Character
Day 11: Overrated Character
Day 12: Favorite Animated Gif
Day 13: Favorite Location
Day 14: Saddest Moment
Day 15: Favorite Pairing
Day 16: Marvel Character You Wish Was Included
Day 17: Favorite Poster
Day 18: Favorite Quote
Day 19: Funniest Quote
Day 20: Favorite Eyes
Day 21: Favorite Actor
Day 22: Favorite Name
Day 23: Power You Wish You Had
Day 24: Favorite Costume
Day 25: Favorite Weapon
Day 26: Funniest Moment
Day 27: Movie With the Best Soundtrack
Day 28: Character You’re Most Like
Day 29: Saddest Character Death
Day 30: Favorite Moment

So, my Day 2 answer is hard, I can’t choose between Black Widow and Thor. I mean Tasha trained me, but Thor ISAFTERALL Thor. 🙂 It’s a draw.

And, now for the gif spree. This is pretty all like people getting owned and animals stealing things and so on and so forth.

It’s totally like Roo! She steals like that all the time!!!

And that is just too funny! Gah. It’s a long gif, BUTAWESOME!!!! As you can see, this monkey always wins.

Ahhh, the brilliance of raccoons.

Epic doggy there…

Impressive, Senor Seagull.

*frowns* Typical yankee.

THATISSOOOFUNNY!!!! Ha, I bet he thought twice about stealing next time.

I just love that. XDDDD.

Ta-ta for now,



Southern Style Baked Potato

My fav lunch-in-a-pinch. Of course, it’s high in calories (about 500)… but it’s sooo good. XD.

Here’s a step-by-step.

1. Wash a good-sized raw potato.

2. Microwave for 3 min on high.

3. Flip over and microwave 3 min on high.

4. Cut open potato without burning your fingers off.

5. Scrape out inside into bowl, discard skin.

6. Add 2 spoonfuls of margarine or 2 sections-thingies of butter.

7. Mix/smoosh with fork.

8. Add 1/2 cup of milk. Mix well.

9. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder, 1 Tablespoon chives, and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Dump into potatoes and mix.

10. Add LOTS of cheddar cheese, microwave for 40 seconds.

11. Stir in.

12. Add 3 large spoonfuls of sour cream.

13. Enjoy!

AND, I’m starting the Avengers tag today. Although, I’m not going to put alot of time into it. XD.

SOOOO, Day 1- Favorite Pre-Avengers Movie:


Okay, all done. XDD. Gawsh, I just love Thor.


Real quick little update here, Socks, my big male kitty (see tree for family), got into a fight with Dooku. And he has a bad bite mark on his belly.

Please pray. If it get worse, it’ll get infected, then abscess, which could prove fatal. If it gets really bad. We don’t think it will get infected, and even if it does, we can totally give him meds, but that can be expensive.

And, I’m stealing the avengers 30 day challenge from Ray. *pokes*

I’ll start tommorrow.

Cat post

To start off with, I just got back from VA, where I met my pen pal from Canada. I think we’ve been writing for almost 2 years. Then, I got sick.

Which means I’m living on popsicles.


Which makes me VERY happy.

Mkay, back on track. As Kales knows, I taught my kitty to sit and roll over and jump through a hoop. Cats are very smart. Which proves my point, cats rule, dogs droll. LITERALLY. I mean, do cats drool? Nooooo. Do dogs drool? Yes. Thus, using my ill logic, cats MUST rule. 

So, I have myself a feral cat colony, consisting of about 13 kitties. And, because I have nothing better to do, I’ll list ’em all out.







Duke Jim-Bob (DONT ASK)









Tabby (indoor)

There ya go!!!

There was Sandy, but she went missing in January. And Moo, but he died because my brother left a candy wrapper out and he choked on it. And Sadie and her brother Smoky, but I found them a nice little home together.

I’m in the mood to do a little family tree.

Hopefully you can understand that. Ty and Shrubsy are sisters, but the males (Tux, Dooku, and Jim-Bob) have no relation to them besides being dads to their kittens. That might be really confusing.

That’s all for now folks!



A little birdie told me…

SOO, a little birdie told me… it’s friendship day!!!! 🙂 This deserves some comments to certain people, and of course, a picture spree. *bounces*

First off, HI Kales! I got your message, so thats why I’m posting this. But you knew that. 😛 I’m glad we met online, and I’m VERY glad we didn’t become enemies. XD. And Lord knows I need someone to calm me down sometimes, otherwise I’d bust also. So thanks for being you!!! Have a fantabulous, cauliflower-free day.

Hannah, you aren’t online much, and I know you’ll never see this, but you’re quite possibly the greatest girl I’ve ever met. There’s not much to say, it’s mostly unspoken between us, but twinny, you’re the best!

Ray Rae, most of the time, the twins ignored you. I’m sorry, and I never knew you were SOAMAZINGLYAWESOME! Again, my affection normally lies unspoken, but you have no idea how much you mean to me.

ANDTHATSALLFOLKS! I do have other friends *pokes*, but it just wouldn’t do to mention them without mentioning others.

What my brother, some friends from church, and I tell each other is that ” As your friend, when you fall or hurt yourself I will pick you up… as soon as I stop laughing at you.” So true. Time for some photos.


That one may seem strange, but the point is, it’s never tomorrow. Or yesterday. At least I think that’s the point. *shrugs*

Well, I’m not big on the whole “repost if you care” or stuff like that, but Kales…. this is for you and IPROMISEWE’LLMEETSOMEDAY. Hopefully. LOL…

Mkay, all done. And, just some funny signs real quick.


All done.

On a random note, I dyed my mom’s hair today. Gack, that stuff smells terrible!


Well, ta-ta for now,


New design+followers+EPICOLYMPICATHLETES! Bonus: gif spree

I changed the layout again because I really wanted to use this cute tab clip art. As you can see up there. *motions frantically to top of screen* Right up there. Yep. All that work for that little image. 😛

I saw the new comments and was all like:

Thanks to Kales, James, and Arda for commenting and to the gals on TLF for showing their interest. *happy*

Okay, that was hard to resist.

Right… focus.

Some of those athletes are just amazing. EXAMPLES:

McKayla Maroney’s almost perfect vault. Having done gymnastics for years myself, THATVAULTISHARD!!!! I mean, like, I’d break and ankle and my neck. I’m sure it’s easy for me to break my neck, BUTSTILL! This is amazing.


That takes you to a link, which bugs me, but you can still watch it. 🙂

The American swimmer Michael Phelps is now officially the most decorated Olympian EVER. In 8 years (3 olympics: Athens, Beijing, and London) he has won 22 medals, 18 of which are GOLD. *awe* He’s know for his comebacks, take a look.


Another link. Bleh. Just one more example because it’s about time for a family Psych-a-thon. Which means I’ll have to have a gif spree soon. Like, in this post.

THISDUDEHASNOREALLEGS. Wow. I’m sure he’s quite the inspiration to all those kids with faux legs (I’m not being down-grading to them, I just don’t remember the real word for fake legs. Ack..)



Time for a Pysch gif spree.

I just love Gus’s face in the background.

Cause I will.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this gif.

You may continue scrolling now.

Okay, that guy was in ONE episode and I really wanted to duct tape his face.

And… there’s Gus dragging Shawn.


I just love that.

When I see something really stupid on le interweb.

When someone falls.

Snoopy dance.


😉 Okay, that’s probably enough.

YEP, we’re done.

Ta-ta f0r now,





Interior design.

Right now I’m bored. I did my nails, and watched some olympic swimming, but watching those people swim makes me embarrassed about my times. 😉 I’ve always loved interior design, providing I’m in the mindset to focus. SOOOO… I’ll show you my DREAM interior. And then bring myself back to reality. As you’ll notice, red, black, and white are like, my favorite colors for a home.


Living room:


living room

It’s pretty neat, except for the creepy wall art. I would try to stab that thing that looks like an eye every time I passed it. That room has a HANGINGSEAT, which means it’s like a swing inside the house, which makes me flip!!!!

Moving on…


*squee* I would probably give my self a bigger fridge, seeing as I love food so much, but isn’t that AWESOME!? And of course, I’d have to make adjustments to the floors and walls, cause each photo has different colors. Not to even think about the prices.


Epic. But with that frame, I’d TOTALLY hang curtains, so it’s like one of those canopys. *squees again*

Of course, there’d be more to the house, but I’m skipping out on the loo, and other random rooms.


Living room:

I would switch out the coffee table for solid black and x out the “decor” on it. I love that couch, mostly because it looks bouncy. *happy*


I would x out the funky tiling. And that makes it a little more realistic.


The carpet and chair are a little too… out there for my taste, so I’d switch out the carpet for a white one, and the chair for a plain black to bring out the lining on the curtains and bed. Those little things at the end of the bed, they would be uber expensive, so x-ing out those also. Of course, I wouldn’t have all those photos on the wall, and if I did they wouldn’t be of horses and prongs. The little lamps are neat but the silver chrome finishing on them takes away from the pattern, so I’d go with white. POSSIBLY, a red lamp shade instead of the black.

I’d love to say that I’d actually put the work and money and time into decorating my home like this, but I doubt I will. I’d also love to say that if I did have it like this, I’d keep it all nice and immaculate. Well, FATCHANCEOFTHAT. Ahh, track and field is on now on the Olympics.

(Psych gifs, FTW!)

Ta-ta for now,